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F(R)ACTURE is a prototype for a serious game made by a team of four students for a six-week project.

Our aim was to teach people the correct reflexes for a responsible energy consumption.

After clicking on play, you will be taken to a special screen where you can click on the various objects to hear the sound they make when they are turned on. The objects are lumière (light), four (oven), douche (shower), robinet (tap), frigo (fridge) and tv. Click on Commencer in the top-right of the screen to start.

Click on the various luminous objects to turn them off (the light on the object will go off) and stop your consumption gauges (in the top-right corner of the screen) from filling up. But be aware, there are four brats in the house that will randomly turn them back on ! If one of these gauges is full, it's game over.

Also watch out for your temperature gauge (in the bottom-right corner of the screen) : when it's full your sight will get blurry, and when it's empty your speed will be cut in half. You can manage the temperature in the house by turning the heaters on or off, by simply clicking on them.

If none of the consumption gauges are full when the timer (in the top-left corner of the screen) runs out, you win the game.

In either case you will get an estimation of how much you would have had to pay for your electricity and water bills (in euros) depending on your success at stopping the gauges from filling up. Do a left-click to retry, and a right-click to get back to the main menu.

You can pause the game by pressing the esc key. Press P to get back to the game, or click on "retour au menu" to get back to the main menu.

We hope you will enjoy playing our game !


F(R)ACTURE.zip 64 MB

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